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“Spreading the culture of quality extra virgin olive oil a multisensory journey that starts from the field and arrives at the table”

La famiglia Decimi

We want to spread the culture of high-quality extra virgin olive oil, accompanying visitors inside our mill on a multidisciplinary path, along which we explain curiosities, traditions and our oil producing methods. An Itinerary in Olive Oil Food Culture, which ends with the extraordinary art of sensory tasting. A unique experience to rediscover the sense of smell and taste, to learn, recognize and appreciate the highest quality oil.


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We will help them become useful tools, so you can recognize a high-quality oil and become a conscious and aware consumer

During your sensory journey, you will learn that Oil is an Ingredient, and we will discover its deep bond with the Mediterranean diet.


What has changed in the perception and consumption of oil in the last forty years?

Today, thanks to the work that chefs, enthusiasts, olive growers and oil mills carry on by spreading new awareness, Oil has become an INGREDIENT with its own value within dishes.

Being an ingredient means that its taste aspects, nutritional properties and characteristic nuances are considered in their entirety, as any other elements in the dish.

Our Experiences

Senses at play

Let yourself be guided through the Decimi oil mill, discover the various stages of production and with an engaging sensory tasting journey, learn to recognize the distinctive characteristics of an excellent oil. Then put your palate to the test with bruschetta and fresh vegetables to pair with the 4 oils tasted.

Discover how to eat oil

After discovering the oil mill and surprising your senses with a sensorial tasting of 5 oils, learn how to eat oil. Thanks to combinations with food, you will discover how quality oil can enhance the flavors of even the simplest dishes. You can join us for a light lunch, a snack or an aperitif.

Walk through the olive trees

Treat yourself to a moment of tranquility and connection with nature, you will have an experience that will not only nourish your soul, but will also bring you closer to the culture of quality oil. Then continue your experience in the oil mill by personalizing your sensory journey with our other activities.

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At the end of your sensory journey, you will learn that. Oil is chosen and not simply used.

Sensory Trips are held Monday to Saturday from 9.30 to 19.30, and reservations are always recommended.

Holidays and English visits by reservation only.

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