The quality of our products is recognized nationally and internationally. Here are some of our main awards:
Prizes 2019
L’Ercole Olivario
1st place: DOP Umbria Colli Martani

1st place: Emozione (categoria extravergine)

JOOP Japan international competition
1st place:
 Emozione Gold Blend

GAMBERO ROSSO guide to the best extra virgin olive oils of Italy
Best oil mill in Italy
 - 3 Foglie Monocultivar Moraiolo

MERUM - authoritative German guide
3 hearts: Monocultivar Moraiolo

Leone d'Oro

Corona Maestro d’Olio

Concorso “Il Magnifico”
3 stars EQOO Extra Quality Olive Oil 

Bibenda - Guide to the best extra virgin olive oils in Italy
5 drops: Monocultivar Moraiolo 
5 drops: Emozione

Guida Slow Food
Grande Olio Monocultivar Moraiolo 
Grande Olio Emozione

Flos Olei - Guide to the best extra virgin olive oils of the world

National prize Sirena d’Oro
Merit mention

International prize “L’Oro del Mediterraneo”
5 drops: Emozione 3rd place 

National prize “L’Oro d’Italia”
5 drops: Emozione 3rd place