“Man and machine, together, are able to translate the good from the harvested fruits.

Quality in the oil sector is a relatively recent concept, not yet widespread and certainly in continuous evolution. But how do you get a quality oil?

One thing we have understood over the years is how important and essential is the link between nature that gives the fruit, the hand and the knowledge of man, and the help of good innovative machine technology. Continuous research is great part of our work at the oil mill. Passion, combined with craft skills , has allowed us over the years to experiment with different innovative solutions, together with the MORI -TEM company, with whom we have shared this spirit of research and technological evolution in making oil.

To make a high-quality oil and achieve excellence, it is necessary to add the magic ingredient that is composed of heart, competence and technique. When the miller controls of the entire process, both agronomic and technological, the marvel of making good oil is created. Our task is therefore to bring out the aromas and flavours that the drupe jealously holds, being careful not to activate that series of unwanted reactions that often have led to the production of oils of poor quality, if not defective.

At this stage, obtaining the result we want allows us not only to have excellent olive juice, but also suitable for the well-being. Even science says that the oil that cures is high quality extra virgin olive oil.

We are Creating Quality

The oil mill closes during milling period, from October 15th to November 15th. This is to have complete control of the process and the right concentration on the quality of the product.

There is only us and our know-how. This practice is in contrast with the typical tasting events of the period.